Recruiting FAQs

Upload of application

We are using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to handle the recruitment process. When you apply either directly on our website or on external job boards, you are being redirected to the ATS where you upload your CV, can add your LinkedIn and/or Github profile, enter your name and contact details. You may copy your cover letter or share additional information. If you were contacted by one of our trusted recruiting agencies, they will upload your data to the ATS. Your profile is visible to the recruiting department and the respective hiring line manager(s). Please refer to our Data Protection Declaration for information on how we handle your personal data.


Depending on the role, you are then either contacted by us to provide your availability for a screening call, to take a 60 minute coding challenge in the next two weeks, are invited for an on-site interview or you receive an email stating that we cannot move forward on your application.


If you are invited for an interview call or an on-site interview, please prepare yourself for technical as well as non-technical questions. Calls normally take around 30 min. For on-site interviews plan 45 min to 1h30 min.

For Developer roles we are trying to assess your coding skills and your understanding of software design. Computer science basics are really important for a developer, especially for C++ and AI Developers.

Typical questions for C++ Developer roles could include the following:

  1. What's the Model in Qt about?
  2. Do we want to throw exceptions in destructor in C++?
  3. How to implement a thread-safe Singleton?
  4. How to implement Pub/sub pattern by RPCs?
  5. How to locate the bottleneck of your system in terms of performance?

In terms of the scope of questions, we are interested in certain areas:

  1. networking programming, for distributed systems,
  2. system design,
  3. compilation and linking,
  4. design patterns,
  5. building process for senior developers
  6. algorithm & optimization,
  7. memory management

Overall we want to understand your motivation to join us. Things that we value is openness and a respectful conversation. If you don’t know the answer to a question, we prefer that you say so instead of using buzzwords or swinging to another topic. We encourage you to ask questions during interview so that you get a clear picture of what we at AAI are doing and the role you are interviewing for is all about.

Feedback on interview

We try to give you feedback within a few days after you have had an interview. Please feel free to drop us an email or call if you need feedback urgently.

Reimbursement for travel costs

If we invite you for an on-site interview, we cover travel costs, normally in the amount of a train 2nd class return ticket and if necessary an overnight stay here in Berlin. If you reside in another country, we cover costs for plane tickets but ask you to check for reasonable prices and check with the recruiting department before making the booking. Please ensure that you ask for VAT invoices which are needed for a speedy reimbursement.