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AAI Scenario Cloning & Extraction

Closing the Loop Between Reality and Simulation

The close linking of real driving experiments and virtual tests is the key to the efficient development of automated driving functions. To exploit the full potential, we have developed AAI Scenario Cloning & Extraction, a service that provides deep insights into test drive coverage by means of automated processing of sensor data. In addition to the qualitative evaluation of the test drive, the map of the driven track as well as interesting scenarios for consistent reuse in simulation and test automation are provided.

✓ Processing of sensor data to create OpenSCENARIO files and maps in OpenDRIVE format
✓ Automated criticality assessment to identify high quality scenarios to derive scenario-based test cases
✓ Segmentation of the collected scenarios into distinguishable categories
✓ Reproduction of complete test drives in the simulation for qualitative analysis
✓ Analysis of original test drive coverage - increase quality instead of just measuring quantity in miles

scenario cloning

Extraction of Highly Targeted Simulation Test Suites for ADAS and Highly Automated Driving

Scenario-based testing in simulation is the most suitable procedure for executing huge bulks of known test cases. Scenario files provide a deterministic description of each test case, as well as allow test automation for identification of critical thresholds for validation with field operation tests. Many companies already are in possession of petabytes of sensor recordings (or measurement data) from past physical road testing. The art is to efficiently extract precious insights from these data lakes for repeatable future use. AAI will help to leverage these hidden potentials!

Scenario Library Maintenance

Quantity will not guarantee quality. With our tool chain we help to use precise KPIs for discovering and extracting only relevant scenarios for the specific customer test cases. We incorporate automated mechanisms for criticality assessment and categorization to cleanly manage large quantities of collected test cases.

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