ADAS and automated driving simulation services

ADAS and HAD Simulation Services

Supporting our Customers to Create Optimized Toolchains

The development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) requires profound knowledge in the areas of artificial intelligence, complex software architectures, software frameworks and tool development.

When developing software solutions, our software engineering experts put the user in the center of attention. Together with our customers we conduct a thorough requirements analysis and develop relevant solutions. The skills of our team include the use of programming languages such as C++, Python as well as working with Clion, PyCharm, Visual Studio, QT, Jenkins, Team City and more. Through continuous integration we guarantee high quality and maximum efficiency.

customized test drive simulation

Customization Requests

Based on our highly modular product architecture, we can efficiently create individual solutions according to the wishes of our customers.

✓ Localization of our traffic simulation AAI Intelligent Traffic

Automated test case creation from test drive data

✓ Mapping as a service based on sensor recordings

✓ Creation of digital twins of environments

Sensor emulation for simulation

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) comprises a wide range of algorithms that enable computers to solve tasks by generalizing data. The two main areas are classical algorithms of machine learning such as classification, regression and others, and deep learning based on artificial deep neural networks. Our experts are specialized in applying these methods to automotive use cases in the field of automated driving.

AI development

Validation and Verification Services

Our validation and verification services build on proven methods, tools and technologies for software development. We offer cross-functional testing in simulation for interoperability, robustness, and compliance. Our engineers have extensive experience with ASAM e.V. standards (OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, OSI) and test automation.

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