AAI Smart City Solutions

Simulate the Cities of the Future

With the introduction of smart cities, we will encounter revolutionary changes in infrastructure and the way road users will interact with each other.
Highly customized and big simulation projects can be used for replicating dedicated smart city open field testing areas - applicable for the use of virtual tests before granting permission for real road driving, for testing the interaction of multiple autonomous vehicles coming from different OEMs, or for other V2X and traffic optimization applications. The requirements towards the simulation can broadly vary in terms of applied technologies and sizes, reaching from small-sized test tracks to selected districts of complete cities.

Replicate Dedicated Smart City Test Beds

Simulation is ideal to exectue tests in a digital twin of the real world, based on the same maps and infrastructure as in reality (see Scenery Creation). With the support of V2X technology into the digital twin, the simulation is ready for holistic traffic systems including autonomous vehicles. Comprehensive testing in these replicated environments before granting permission for public street testing will boost safety and efficiency of smart city projects.

Multiple Ego-Vehicle Integration
of Different OEMs

Thinking about the cities of the future, multiple scenarios quickly are coming up. The most complex scenario in regard of the traffic situation will be a city with a road user mix including today's road participants with vehicles driven by humans as well as autonomous vehicles based on technologies developed by several different OEMs. With AAI Intelligent Traffic and AAI ReplicaЯ® it is possible to simulate human road users as well as to integrate multiple ego vehicles (or vehicles under test) helping city planners to assess and optimize this complicated constellation.

Highly Customized Projects

AAI solutions are based on a highly modular approach, which helps to efficiently create individual smart city simulations replicating the targeted technical infrastructure. Let us know your unique technical or human-centered requirements for more information.