AAI Sensor Simulation

Variety of Sensor Models

A fully equipped vehicle with LV2+ driving functions can contain more than 20 different sensors. Using simulation for the testing of these vehicles requires the simulated sensors to perceive the virtual environment at the same level of accuracy as the real-world sensors.

Therefore, besides the synthetically generated ground truth, our system supports the installation of multiple sensors types including camera, lidar, and radar.

Virtual Sensor Perception Based on the Physical Properties of Sensors

Our sensor simulation is developed using state of the art ray tracing and ray casting techniques. From our simulation environment, it is possible to deliver ground truth, camera, lidar and radar data output.

Each sensor model is parameterizable and therefore adaptable to the physical properties of specific sensor models.

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows us to support Open Simulation Interface (OSI) and - depending on the sensor type and model - can deliver either object lists, point clouds or raw data output.

From Generic Sensors to Specific Sensor Models

The challenging part in sensor simulation is the simulation of concrete models and the export of realistic raw data output based on the virtual environment - our team is experienced with parameterizing our in-house developed generic models to customize the sensor simulation towards concrete sensor models.

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