AAI Scenery Creation

Avoid Manual 3D Development

Our toolchain produces high fidelity 3D semi-synthetic imagery necessary for sensor simulation and object recognition.

Scenes are built dynamically at run-time from AAI or customer-provided map data with procedural placement of 3D objects loaded from our asset library. Our assets are optimized for a realistic sensor simulation with physical material information. We ensure that the drivability information of the original map material is preserved at scene creation for use within the simulated test runs. Editing options, for example to insert obstructions such as a construction site, are available.

Map Processing

The original map data source (OpenDRIVE®, HD maps, and more) is automatically converted into our AAI internal data format ATLAS and checked for errors regarding the drivability information. After correction of errors and, if desired, also the manual modification of lane information, the system will automatically build the 3D meshes and scenery based on the available information.

Procedural Object Placement

We developed optimized algorithms for GPU-based procedural placement of vegetation and surroundings for high-performance runtime scenery creation during simulation runs.

In order to provide diversity and localization options to our customers, we are constantly extending our asset library.

Export of 3D Scenes and Synthetic Imagery

Upon request, we can create and export 3D scenes or synthetic imagery (including the corresponding object labeling from our Ground Truth sensor). Contact us for more information!

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