Our End-to-End Autonomous Driving Development & Validation Solution

Different stages of the development process of automated driving stacks require different approaches. During all phases, the simulation will help to efficiently boost and scale development and testing activities.

Functional testing during early development requires strictly defined scenarios with deterministic actor behavior. In later stages of development, large-scale and free-flowing endurance test with non-deterministic & unforeseen edge cases gains higher importance.

AAI ReplicaЯ® combines all key technologies and the vision of AAI with state of the art virtual scenario and endurance testing supported by our intelligent traffic module and high-fidelity sensor simulation, as well as a user-friendly user experience allowing remote (or in cloud) operation of the simulation.

Scenario Tests

Efficiently test identified critical scenarios based on a highly automated process. This deterministic approach for test case management helps to safely and repeatedly cover the identified minimum test cases with each new software version of the automated driving stack.

Our software supports the OpenSCENARIO® standard, as well as generalized scenario templates, which are parameterizable and ready for automated permutation of concrete test cases.

We enable our customers to leverage precious information hidden in sensor measurements recorded from real-world test drives with the extraction of scenario templates that are ready for use with AAI ReplicaЯ®.

Endurance Tests

This explorative approach for digital test drives, allows you to set up the frame conditions including the preferred road network, traffic, time of day and weather conditions.

Based on the sensor settings, your ego vehicle ("algorithm under test" or "vehicle under test") will tirelessly drive in the chosen digital twin of the real world. Interacting with our intelligent traffic agents, it will face unexpected situations and be challenged thoroughly - purely based on simulation.

Interesting edge cases, the black swans for driving algorithms, and sensor perception can later be extracted and stored in the local scenario library for repeatable use during scenario testing.

Secure, Flexible and Modular

We respect your data security - AAI ReplicaЯ® can be installed and used on-premises within a private cloud or internal company networks.

Have a requirement that we don't yet support? Let us know your special use case - we will help to set up a simulation fitting your requirements. We have experience with the development of custom builds for events and research purposes - whether it be your company virtual driving challenge or a playground for the training of your algorithms or your company hackathon. With the technology used for AAI ReplicaЯ® we can support a huge diversity of use cases.

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