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Closing the Loop Between Reality and Simulation

Processing of measurement data for realistic test cases and model behaviour in simulation.

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Scenario Cloning
traffic simulation

Realistic Traffic Simulation

Our traffic agents are modelled with a focus on vehicle-to-vehicle interaction and trained on the basis of real traffic data. Different levels of aggressiveness and cultural habits ensure a naturalistic traffic pattern.

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Digital Twins

With our attention to detail, we create replicas of highway and city environments that are accurate in scale, surface and material information for sensor simulation and testing.

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digital twin
digital twin
digital twin


(AAI) GmbH

Founded 2017 in Berlin by experts coming directly from within the automotive industry, Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH is pursuing the mission to develop tools and services for accelerating highly automated driving development.

Environment-centric simulation is the biggest opportunity to scale the development and testing activities for autonomous driving. The more realistic such a virtual world is, the higher will be the validity and acceptance of tests in simulation.

The heartbeat of our simulation is our naturalistic traffic simulation - our AI-trained, individual acting traffic agents populating the streets (real road networks) to challenge the driving functions of our customers. With our state of the art sensor simulation, a naturalistic 3D environment, it is possible to test sensors and sensor set-ups in a realistic virtual environment. Via our Digitalizing Platform customers load up their recorded data from real world test- or measurement drives to be able to use them highly scalable in simulation. Of course we can provide open-loop and closed-loop solutions.

Today a virtual vehicle only needs a few hours to travel the same number of test miles that would take a real-world car more than one month. The precise reproducibility of all incidents, as well as the reduced testing time, are the key advantages for our customers.

Our customers also benefit from our competencies, which incorporate into our own product and service developments. We offer these as engineering services for customer projects.

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